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Let's get down to it.

What is it that you want in an apartment? Sure, its great to have a choice of over 20 different floorplans. Its also nice to have the freedom to choose something in your price range, anywhere from $655 to $1480 a month.

And while all the amenities are important, the full size washer/dryer in every apartment, the open spaces and abundance of closet space, even the community building with fitness center.

But what you really want is a place where you feel good. Good about yourself and your choices. Good enough that when your friends come over they say things like "Wow, I wish I lived here!" and "You only pay how much for this?" Well, maybe they don't say them out loud because they don't want you to know that they're jealous, and that they can't work out how you found this before they did ... but you know they are thinking it.

Its Everything You Want To Be

Your home says a lot about you. Its a big investment in your lifestyle, even if you are renting. At Uptown Square you get a well-designed, quality clean slate - you can be anything you want to be! Be sexy, be smart, be stylish, be sophisticated!

Look around at other areas of Memphis ... what's their appeal? Midtown has the historic character - we've got that. South End has the urban atmosphere with lofts and walk-ups - we've got that. Harbor Town has the prestige with new urbanist ideals - we've got that. The suburbs have the family appeal; the backyards and the neighborly aspect- we've got that too.

Uptown Square has something for everyone, and if you want to be a part of something dramatically different, you should know that here everything old is new again - move in now and get back in style!

Why Not Uptown?

So, now we've established that you want to live somewhere cool, who actually lives in downtown Memphis? You might be surprised! Downtown and Uptown are the perfect place for people who want to be close to the action.

Sick of paying for parking for the Grizzlies and Redbirds? Have you tried to get through that traffic once the game is over? At Uptown Square you can walk a block to the trolley and leave all that hassle behind.

Wish you could spend more time outside enjoying the weather? Not only do we have a great swimming pool and barbeque deck area, each garden apartment comes with its own private patio for you to indulge your green thumb. If you're not botanically inclined, just go down to Tom Lee Park and take a walk / bike / skate along the River, or head over to Mud Island and challenge yourself to negotiate the Wolf River in a kayak or canoe!

Just think about how convenient it will be if Bass Pro Shop moves into the Pyramid ...


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Uptown Square Apartments
252 North Lauderdale
Memphis, TN 38105

Ph: 901-523-8662
Toll Free: 1-866-296-1298

Monday - Friday
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